Professional Monitoring with Dispatch-on-Demand

Video Verified Security with Police Dispatch

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Video Verified

When activity is detected, the DragonFly Security System captures video and gives you the option to send it to a monitoring center for immediate police dispatch. Many police departments treat video-verified alarms as a crime-in-progress and respond with priority over non-verified alarms.

Community Monitoring

Create a virtual neighborhood security network to help combat crime in your community. You and your neighbors, friends and family can receive "Motion Detected" alerts with a video clip from Outdoor MotionViewer Cameras and dispatch to the monitoring center for police response if necessary.

Smartphone Control

The DragonFly Security System app gives you control wherever you are. View photos on-demand, arm and disarm your system, and receive video alerts- and you decide whether to dispatch or to ignore. A click on the Dispatch button sends the video alert to the monitoring station for emergency police response.

Remote Look-in on Pets
Security for Shared Spaces
Monitor Vulnerable Areas
"I’m Home" Alerts

Manage Your Security System

The DragonFly Security System app gives you easy setup and configuration instructions through your smartphone. Connect your Hub, add users, and invite your neighbors to create a virtual neighborhood to help protect your home. With the app, see inside your house, your backyard, and around your neighborhood. Arm and disarm your system remotely and send alerts to the monitoring station for emergency response.

Professional Monitoring To Fit Your Needs

The DragonFly Security System offers two monitoring plans: Basic and Premium. With either plan, you’ll receive alerts, and can dispatch-on-demand to the monitoring station, and can create your own virtual neighborhood. Pay your service provider month-to-month and upgrade or cancel at your convenience. With the premium monitoring plan, indoor alerts are sent to the monitoring station automatically if no action is taken by you, to help you feel protected when you’re away from your phone, or you miss an alert.

  • Video Alerts
  • Dispatch-on-Demand
  • Community Monitoring